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US & Foreign Patents Granted

Looping coaster thrills – minus the size and cost

A unique and thrilling ride experience with a reduced footprint designed to fit almost any location. UniCoaster's™ patented ride design and technology allows passengers to have personalized rider controlled spin.

All the thrills of a looping roller coaster at a fraction of the cost. The UniCoaster is a rider controlled experience that thrills all ages. While the more daring rider will thrust their seat into forward and backward spins from start to finish, those looking for a more mild experience will be equally excited to speed around the undulated track and feel the wind in their hair.

Licensed exclusively to Chance Rides Inc.

  • Number of Seats 16
  • Capacity 240 PPH
  • Minimum Height 48 in
  • Ride Speed 10 RPM
  • Duration 120 seconds
    Power Requirements
  • Total Power 145 kva
  • Motor 95 kva
  • Lights 50 kva
  • Line Voltage 3 phase - 480V

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